What if Superman grew up as a black boy in America?

While staring in the face of racism, this story follows a young man’s journey as he comes to terms with his identity. As we extract events from America’s history and weave them with fictional undertones, we examine the truth behind his mother’s legacy, his father’s affiliation with the movement and the makings of a black superhero.

This montage sets the climate for an upcoming Sunday Kinfolk story.

Featuring Isaac Hayes, Walk On By

Written by D.Verrtah
Marcus Smith (Behind the Lens)
Russell Hamilton (Multimedia)
King Texas (Creative Director)
Renata Cherlise (Creative Director and Creator of Sunday Kinfolk) 


How would you feel if you finally find out that all these years you thought was love and a future was a lie? That none of it counted, but was told to forget the past and move forward when you never knew the truth until now?
In need of attention and affection. I want to feel like I’m the only girl in the world like I’m better than any girl you ever had or any girl that’s ever been tempting. I want to feel special. I haven’t been feeling like that in a while.
I over think and question everything, I’m on the brink of knowing who i am but too lazy to seek confirmation, i am a recovering naivete. I’ve been through more horror than half of the women in their 50s and i haven’t even reached legal age. I don’t take education seriously, because it’s a joke compared to other ppl that I’ve met, yet i do it cause society told me i need to. I’m a nudist low-key so don’t do pop ups at my house and I’m kinda sorta a hippy you kno peace love and chicken all that good stuff. I’m probably the sweetest, relatable, helpful, caring, genuine person you may ever meet so please do not to take advantage of me. I apologize a lot cause I’m insecure and i lack confidence. I feel the need to explain myself because no one understands me. I believe in faith and religion but i don’t agree with everything that is told because ppl has ratified things so much it can’t be true but i take what i can from it and don’t care what ppl say about it. I basically believe what i want and dabble in whatever i choose because i was told i can be whatever i want to be and i can do whatever i set my mind to. I’m weird i kno I’m sorry in advance future husband for being a huge contradiction, but this is me.