Little Woman

Little Woman

As time passes I am on my way to becoming a STRONG Woman #Libra #19 #Sept28

i give up

I can’t have the man that I think I deserve I can’t get the grades I want I can’t get a job to financially support myself

I quit life all together I’m dropping out of school moving away from the heart break and crawling under a rock cause that’s all I can have.

For You!


You kno how there’s like love then love love? Yea I think I love love this one boy who has had he’s ups and downs, but always came out on top. He’s my lover boy and everyday he has me saying I love him boyyyyy lol ok I’m lame and I can’t write spoken wit like him but f it let this be the worst…

“Sad you rather fight with me and possibly lose me to hold on to someone or something you CLAIM means nothing to you.”

I can barely juggle 2 blogs let alone 2 jobs and school

“I’m just deep in thought right now I have no clue what the future might hold, but it seems to me one thing will be made clear and I need to prepare myself for when the time comes.”

Red Wine

What you know about lovin me til the sun comes up Then the sun goes down Can you give me that kinda love that won’t give up Never let me down I discover True Love exsists Its common sense I’ve got confidence

You got me over here pouring my heart out Saying whatever I shed some tears with my cuzzo Oh yeah oh yeah Playing whatever I discover True Love exsists Its common sense I’ve got confidence In love Your love brought us together But love won’t wait Forever Let go of Whatevers Got you thinking ever The storm yeah we can weather


My fav bob Marley quote!


My fav bob Marley quote!

I created this soap opera I call LIFE and ima deal with it

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“Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.”

—   Wu Tang (via goldenluxe)

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you dare me to love you but it’s kind of looking scary it’s been four years my heart is kind of weary i want you but the army of safety’s calling tell me what i’m going to do my body’s stalling
one kiss on the cheek is sure to get me crawling my knees are weak it feels as though I’m falling in a…

My Thoughts

Why do you love me if you believe i will do the wrong that youve done to me?

Why do you want me here when youre so quick to throw me out?

How do you expect for me to be around you when youre angry if you dont want to deal with me when i feel the same?

How am i suppose to read your mind when youre not worried bout whats going on through mine?

Why am i suppose to be there when youre sad but you ignore me when im in tears?

Why is it that every time the break ends youre no longer the guy who loved everything about me yet im still the loyal girl whos been in love with you since we first met?



I’ve grown up with parents who were never together.

I’ve seen them let love rest for a while and watch it walk away in the morning.

I’ve seen my mothers tears drip on wooden floors like rain on a Sunday April shower

and my father yell to the gods to make sense of his broken heart.

I observed…

This is pretty much my childhood and fear summed up