Missing My Best Guy Friend

I remember when i was lazy and bored i sat at home in bed eating ice cream complaining about how fat i was getting to him on the phone.

Next thing i kno he’s at my door with his adorable dog. I let him in and hopped back in the bed and started eating my ice cream, but he grabbed my hand and threw the ice cream i had on the spoon in my face took the spoon and the ice cream threw some clothes at me and told me to get dressed and do something to my hair and slammed the door.

After i put on my clothes and left the room i walked in the living room to see him eating my ice cream and his dog staring at me. He asked me if i was ready to go i said no, so he picked me up and carried me out the door locked it and carried me down the steps.

He told me we were going for a walk, so i tried to run upstairs. He took my keys and threw it in his pants and told me I’ll get them back when we’re finished. So, we walked to the park, walked to the gas station to get some slushy and walked to his house where his mom cooked us dinner and we walked back to my house.

Then he gave me my keys and said now you won’t get fat. I gave him a hug, told him thank you, and told him I hope my keys stabbed him I’m the balls. He punched me on my shoulder, said i love you too Tucker, and went back home.

And that people is a best guy friend…….that eats all of your ice cream lol. But i lost him.😞